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We do great things with your donations. We win awards for making your dollars count! No kidding.


We won AFP’s Small Organization Excellence in Fundraising Award judged on: our fundraising infrastructure, our streamlined administrative structure, our effective use of fundraising resources both technical and human capital, our creativity and the impact our campaigns have on the community.


At the West Parry Sound Health Centre Foundation your general donation goes to the current equipment priority. Your designated donation goes to health programs or equipment purchases that you specify. In 2016 the Foundation bought $600,000 worth of needed equipment and saved $1,000,000. The million is the first instalment on $10,000,000 focused on modernizing our patient care systems with advanced Electronic Health Records (EHR).  The Health Centre will begin installing in 2017 (it’s a 2 year install).

Currently of the 154 hospitals in Ontario only 8 function without EHR. Sadly, we’re one of them.


Of the $600,000 the Foundation committed to the Health Centre, $453,000 replaced servers, upgraded Radiology Information Systems (holds patient medical data), and made our internal Emergency Communications System, currently UHF, compatible with external responders (ie Fire, Police, Ambulance) on VHF. $151,425 supported surgical, cardiac and patient recovery needs. Staff, through their Payroll Prosperity & Change Counts programs, bought the Maintenance Department a thermal red building scanner to help avert roof leaks and provided 12 staff with education grant.

Thank you. In 2016/17 Your Donation Bought:


Radiology Information System (RIS) Upgrade: $225,000 Interfaces with PACS (our new Picture Archiving System) RIS stores patient clinical history, reports and data. Currently our RIS is hosting 33,000 studies. This item was folded into our new PACs purchase.


Diagnostic Imaging Voice Servers: $75,000 Interfaces with RIS and our new PACS, this enables the radiologist to securely dictate patient data into a patient file. This items was folded into our new PACs purchase.


Mesher, Skin Graft: $16,275 replaces a 35 year old machine used in our OR for serious burns & skin grafts.


Vital Signs Machines in our Chemo Unit: $21,000 for 3 machines associated with the three chairs provides real time information. The addition of the mobile computer unit brings our unit up to standards.


Archiver Server: $10,000 Currently all health records, administration and finance are being archived. Health Records is our biggest clinical area and systems were failing. Every Earth Day 30% of files (where applicable) are purged.


Patient Internet: $20,000 With the onslaught of mobile devices, the Health Centre needs to offer patients and visitors internet service. This item was folded into our EHR program.


VHF to UHF: $36,000 In a recent mock evacuation, officials learned external first responders could not communicate within the Health Centre as they have upgraded to VHF and the Health Centre remains on UHF. This was an urgent upgrade.


Patient Recovery: $151,425 is required for a variety of patient care equipment – replacing a 35 year old skin graft instrument critical to burns, an External Pulse Generator, a titling shower chair, laparoscopy suction, a portable BP-Pulse-02 Saturation Monitor, a 4thBiPAP machine for ER & ICU, and 3 vital signs monitors for cancer services.


Thank YOU for caring to Keep Hospital Care Local!


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