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We do great things with your donations. We win awards for making your dollars count! No kidding.


We won AFP’s Small Organization Excellence in Fundraising Award judged on: our fundraising infrastructure, our streamlined administrative structure, our effective use of fundraising resources both technical and human capital, our creativity and the impact our campaigns have on the community.


At the West Parry Sound Health Centre Foundation your general donation goes to the current equipment priority. Your designated donation goes to health programs or equipment purchases that you specify. In 2017 the Foundation bought $1,320,000 worth of needed equipment and saved a further $1,500,000 towards the advanced installation of Electronic Health Records. The $10,000,000 modernization improves physician efficiency ultimately making great advancements in patient care.  The Health Centre currently has a Spring 2019 Go-Live date.

Thank you. In 2017/18 Your Donation helped us buy:


Diagnostic & Operating Room Equipment: $119,000 Critical to diagnostics are scopes and this years donors are buying 2 Gastroscopes ($35,000 each – one purchased by a steadfast donor, one remaining).  1 Colonsocope ($45,000 purchased in honour of Dr. Aaron Higgins – RACH tournament).  An Independent Video system ($25,000) purchased by a grateful patient.  Timing Gateways for our Anesthetic Machines ($14,000) purchased by participants in our Youth Ball Hockey Tournament.


LAB: $130,000 Our Lab services the entire community including all local clinics, the 25,000 patients who enter our 6 nursing stations annually to the 65,000 patients who register annually in the Health Centre.  Both the Urinalysis and the Hemotology Analyzer were replaced by steadfast donors in 2017.  Our good friends the Lloyd Carr Harris Foundation replaced the Hematology Analyzer and a local service club, the Goodfellows Masonic Lodge purchased the other.


Cardiac Echocardiogram: $133,890 This equipment is used daily to determine the condition of our hearts.  Our supplier notified us that our machine will no longer be supported as it is ‘end of life’ as of January 2018.  When Sudbury’s went down previously, patients experienced the long journey to Parry Sound for this service.  We want to ensure the service at the Health Centre, close to home, when it’s needed.  Our 2017 annual spring Georgian Bay Walk, Run, Pole secured $56,000 towards the purchase; and our 2018 Cardiac Walk/Run topped it off with $91,337.  The new equipment is in service.


Medical Devices: $18,680 As a code requirement, 8 Positive/Negative Pressure Room Alarms need to be replaced at a cost of $2,335 each for a total of $18,680.  Yet to be purchased.


Ophthalmology Instrument for Measuring: $55,000 This was an Emergency Purchase.  After waiting well over a year for local services, patients were thrilled to receive the news that our Medical Team has secured new eye doctors (commuting from Sudbury).  With the new eye doctors on board, our new Docs were adamant that measuring for cataracts and other procedures should be done on site at the Health Centre.  With our previous eye doc, patients had to travel to Orillia for this initial procedure.  Many of our ophthalmology patients are frail or elderly so our local Legion ($15,000), our Health Centre Auxiliary ($10,000) and Foundation general donations secured the equipment.   Now our Health Centre offers complete ophthalmology services thanks to our steadfast donors.


Modernizing our digital equipment and records system: $10,000,000 For the next 5 years, the Foundation is committed to transferring to the hospital $2,000,000 in donations each year towards modernizing our systems with advanced Electronic Health Records.  This modernization is key to transmitting digital data between equipment, departments and receiving hospitals where patients are transferred.  Our Health Centre is leading the way in partnering with 25 hospitals within our LHIN to ensure the best in quality and economy of scale in this modernization.


Between January 2018 and June 2018 Donors to the Foundation purchased the following planned or emergency items.  This is on top of the EHR transfers:

  • Blanket Warmer for ER = $5,400
  • Syringe Pump for OR = $4,470
  • PACS interfacing = $1,266
  • Palliative Care repairs to dressers $459
  • Two (THEVORELIFT- palliative care) mattresses $5,930
  • Two lamps palliative care $280

Since the beginning of April donors purchased the following equipment for a total since January of: $357,9191

  • 2 centrifuges for the Lab = $20,015
  • Hematology Analyzer for the Lab = $112,079
  • Cardio Ultrasound = $133,890
  • Interfacing for PACS = $44,991









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