Team Creation

Q: How do I create a team?


A: To Create a Team: Register as a Team Captain by clicking here to visit our registration page. After this, you will have a create team button in your profile. Here you can create the team, which people can join and contribute to.

Joining a Team

Q: How do I join a team?


A: To see a list of all created teams, click here. From here, you can select a team to view or join. To join a team, simply click the “Join Team” button located on the team, or within the team’s profile page.


Q: How do I register?


A: To register, you can click here to begin the process. Once you have filled out the form and payment details, your registration will be completed and your user profile created.

Sharing Pledge Page

Q: How do I share my profile page for sponsorship?


A: On your registration profile page, there will be a button to share the page. Both visitors and you yourself can use this to share your page, and generate pledges on Facebook.

Password Recovery

Q: I’ve forgotten my password, how can I recover it?


A: If you have forgotten your password click on “Forgot Password?” on the login page.  Enter your username/email in the field provided.  When you click “Submit” your password will be reset to a temporary password and emailed to you.  You will be required to use the temporary password in the email to login.  Once you have logged in you can update your password through “Edit Profile”.


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