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Georgian Bay Walk, Run, Pole

Join us and Become the ❤ of Local Cardiac Care


In 2018 support of the Georgian Bay Walk, Run, Pole – Do It For Life completed the purchase of our much needed new Cardio Vascular ultrasound machine (“digital echocardiography”).  This purchase was a year in the making!  Our 2017 Cardiac Walk, Run saved $56,000 towards this new digital equipment and finally, sponsors and participants in May 2018 reached a goal of $91,337 taking us over the top!  The machine cost $123,890!


Critical to the success of our 2018 cardiac walk/run, was the cottager challenge.  The Pointe au Baril Cottagers team were the top fundraisers followed by Desmasdon BoatWorks then Lake Rosseau North Cottagers …


With parts no longer available to service the old cardiovascular ultrasound machine, the supplier had previously informed us the equipment would be end-of-life January 31, 2018.  Our steadfast participants and sponsors in our annual cardiac run have ensured the new one is now onsite and in service.


They are the ❤ of our Cardiac Care!  Thank you.

Total Raised in 11 Years for Cardiac Care at the WPSHC


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