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Next Event May 31st, 2020

Georgian Bay Walk, Run, Pole

Join us and Become the ❤ of Local Cardiac Care


Everything we do is about the best in patient care.  We think differently.  We figure out how to finance the impossible.  We challenge the status quo.  Our medical team achieves Accreditation with Exemplary Standards.


            Registering for our 13th annual Georgian Bay Walk, Run, Pole you’re part of our amazing team once again.  You help create our excellence in care.


Revenues from our 2019 event purchased a new breathing assist therapy bringing into service an alternate solution to our critical Bi-Pap machines as well as an ‘Auto Pulse Resuscitation System’.


            In past years, as Foundation donors financed our advanced modernization of medical communications and records, together we have also financed emergency purchases.  The new $28,000 Bi-PAP machine (breathing assist) for ICU and ER; the $124,000 cardio vascular ultrasound machine; the $32,000 neonatal transport incubator; the $25,000 blood culture analyzer and the $18,000 hematology slide strainer for the Lab.


             Critical to the success of our previous cardiac walk/run was the cottager challenge.  The Pointe au Baril Cottagers’ team were the top fundraisers followed by Desmasdons BoatWorks, then Lake Rosseau North Cottagers … so please, have a heart and join us.


You are the ❤ of our Cardiac Care!  Thank you.

Total Raised in 12 Years for Cardiac Care at the WPSHC


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