PS RUN MAY 27th 2018

Georgian Bay Walk, Run, Pole

2017 marked the 10th anniversary of our event!T his year we raised $78,534 for a 10 YEAR total = $706,885 supporting local cardiac care. In 2017 your support of the Georgian Bay Walk, Run, Pole – Do It For Life bought new $11,000 exercise equipment for Rehab and began acquiring support for our new $200,000+ cardio vascular ultrasound equipment (“digital echocardiography”) as the current equipment is at end-of-life January 31, 2018.


Continued in 2017: The Costume Prize! Remember the great costumes last year? We loved them! And Sofia Smith excelled running 5 K in costume. Sofia Smith took home the prize, our fabulous handcrafted trophy that has been hers to install in a place of honour for the year. On May 1, Sofia will give it back so we can spend the month showing it off before bestowing it on the 2017 winner. If you win it in 2017 you must insure it’s back at the Health Centre by May 1, 2018!


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