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Next Event May 31st, 2020

Georgian Bay Walk, Run, Pole

Join us and Become the ❤ of Local Cardiac Care


Everything we do is about the best in patient care.  We think differently.  We figure out how to finance the impossible.  We challenge the status quo.  Our medical team achieves Accreditation with Exemplary Standards.


Registering for our 13th annual Georgian Bay Walk, Run, Pole you’re part of our amazing team once again.  You help create our excellence in care.


On May 31 2020 you will support cardiac care throughout the Health Centre.  Our 11 Defibrillators located in all patient care areas throughout the Health Centre have been deemed out of service December 2022 by the supplier.  For the next 3 years all pledges gathered in our annual Georgian Bay Walk, Run, Pole will be applied to buying our new Defibrillators.  Because we will be buying similar Defibrillators to our Ambulance system, we no longer require 2 mobile units… making our ultimate replacement purchase 9 Defibrillators.  Any pledge funds collected above the goal will be designated to the next critical cardiac care purchase.


Wait there is more!


This year will be VIRTUALLY AMAZING!


Yes, it’s happening. 




We won’t physically walk, run or pole together on the 31st.  But we will connect virtually knowing that we are supporting cardiac care.  Invite your neighbours to join you.  Together, we can show our community that our Health Centre matters.  That we have heart!


On Sunday May 31, 2020, Dr. Fargher will blast the start gun at 8:45 AM and together, in place, where we are residing, we will exercise as one. Physically separate but emotionally together.  Take the challenge.  You choose.  2K, 5 K or 10 K walk, run, or pole.  Post your activity on Facebook.  Send us your photos.  Show us your love.


Fundraising rules for our virtual event are different.  Registration is $25.  Gather as many pledges as you can … but no minimum $100 in pledges (no maximum either—you go friends).  We won’t gather for breakfast.  You won’t get an official time.  Your T-Shirt won’t be ordered.  No one will gather along your route to cheer you on or give you water.  The music that inspired you last year will be missing.  No fun costumes to make you smile.  No Cottage Country Wellness massage relief for your muscles.  And, those great looking firefighters handing out chocolate, alas they too will not be there for you this year.  But our hearts will be!


And that’s what it’s all about.


On May 31, 2020, at 8:45 the earth will groove with our beat as we walk, run, pole together but separate on our way to supporting cardiac care at the West Parry Sound Health Centre… and a little movement will be great for our own souls too!


Stay Well.  Keep the faith.   Know that together we are making a difference.  Hearts are made for love, let’s show it!


So please, have a heart and join us!


You are the ❤ of our Cardiac Care!  Thank you.

Total Raised in 12 Years for Cardiac Care at the WPSHC


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