Pledge History:

Name Amount Date Status
Sandy Boeckh $500.00 Apr 20th Processing
Geordie Dalglish $100.00 Apr 21st Processing
Thomas McConnell $1000.00 Apr 21st Processing
Brooks Greer $100.00 Apr 22nd Processing
Leslie Grant $100.00 Apr 22nd Processing
Philip Jenkins $100.00 Apr 22nd Processing
Nancy Regan $50.00 Apr 23rd Processing
James Lorriman $100.00 Apr 23rd Processing
Mike Tafts $100.00 Apr 23rd Processing
Meg Hilmer $100.00 Apr 23rd Processing
Edward Garner $200.00 Apr 23rd Processing
Ken Williams $50.00 Apr 24th Processing
Elizabeth Hall-Findlay $100.00 Apr 24th Processing
Spencer Wyatt $200.00 Apr 25th Processing
Carole McCrodan $100.00 Apr 25th Processing
Pamela Aitken $150.00 May 01st Processing
Jim Worts $100.00 May 13th Processing
Gary French $100.00 May 15th Processing
Bryan Fisk $200.00 May 16th Processing
Earl Manners $200.00 May 20th Processing
Harrison Wyatt $100.00 May 24th Processing
Susan Boeckh $100.00 May 24th Processing
Emily MacLeod $40.00 May 24th Processing
Diana Moody $100.00 May 28th Processing
Cynthia Neely $50.00 May 28th Processing
Robert Ludwig $100.00 May 28th Processing
John Boeckh $50.00 May 29th Processing
Scott & Ellen Moody $100.00 May 29th Processing
Margaret Thorburn $100.00 May 30th Processing
Don MacLeod $100.00 May 30th Processing
Thomas S Sheard $250.00 May 31st Processing
Willson & Linda Moody $50.00 May 31st Processing
Andre Dempsey $300.00 Jun 01st Processing

Sandy Boeckh

Team: Pointe au Baril Cottagers

Pledge Goal: $5000

Reason for Running:

This year, I am walking to raise funds for our fabulous local hospital and to engage virtually, in this important fund raiser. Covid-19 has stopped so many of our daily activities in their tracks. Now, more than ever, our hospitals and charities need our suppot.