Pledge History:

Name Amount Date Status
Toby Cavers $100.00 Apr 16th Processing
James Lorriman $100.00 Apr 16th Processing
Janet Irving $200.00 Apr 16th Processing
Penny Caldwell $100.00 Apr 16th Processing
Blaine Shore $25.00 Apr 16th Processing
David Sharpe $500.00 Apr 16th Processing
Karen Barrett $50.00 Apr 18th Processing
Patti Bunston Gunn $250.00 Apr 18th Processing
Peter Bryce $250.00 Apr 20th Processing
Elizabeth Gibson $100.00 Apr 21st Processing
Pamela M Scoon $300.00 Apr 21st Processing
Robert Kilgour $100.00 Apr 21st Processing
Nancy Deline $100.00 Apr 22nd Processing
Helen Garber $100.00 Apr 24th Processing
Peter B Hatcher $200.00 Apr 27th Processing
Nancy Lang $750.00 May 03rd Processing
Roy Schatz $250.00 May 04th Processing
Douglas Barrett $250.00 May 08th Processing
Mary Dove $100.00 May 08th Processing
Helen Bryce $200.00 May 08th Processing
Robert Fisher $100.00 May 09th Processing
Nancy Rogers $250.00 May 12th Processing
Charles Sawyer $400.00 May 13th Processing
Hilde Clark $200.00 May 15th Processing
LLoyd Posno $400.00 May 16th Processing
Trudy Irvine $250.00 May 18th Processing
Joanna Armstrong $100.00 May 18th Processing
Gregory Cooper $100.00 May 18th Processing
James Arbib $5000.00 May 19th Processing
Patricia Culp $500.00 May 19th Processing
Valerie Garber $150.00 May 20th Processing
Earl Manners $200.00 May 20th Processing
Susan Armitage $1000.00 May 22nd Processing
Hugo Fischer $150.00 May 25th Processing
Dawn Drayton $100.00 May 26th Processing
Tamara Finch $250.00 May 26th Processing
Jenn Wilkins $100.00 May 26th Processing
Liz Kernaghan $250.00 May 27th Processing
Livia Hunter $100.00 May 27th Processing
Julia Foster $1000.00 May 29th Processing
Thomas S Sheard $250.00 May 31st Processing

Helen Bryce

Team: Pointe au Baril Cottagers

Pledge Goal: $10000

Reason for Running:

I am a fourth generation cottager at Pointe au Baril. My family and I and have benefited from the caring and responsive treatment we have received at the WPSHC. I want to support this facility and its staff in the work they do responding to emergencies and patient care required by the local, area and cottage communities. This is an essential area service that we are very lucky to have and we must ensure its health so that it can, in turn, ensure ours.