Georgian Bay Walk.Run.Pole.

May 27th, 2018

In 2018 your support of the Georgian Bay Walk, Run, Pole – Do It For Life will complete the purchase of our much needed new $225,000 Cardio Vascular ultrasound machine (“digital echocardiography”).  This purchase has been a year in the making!  Our 2017 Run saved $56,000 towards this new digital equipment; then $25,000 was accomplished through our 2017 Holiday campaign; $100,000 achieved through 2017 revenues earned from our endowed Forever Fund; and finally, with your participation, our May 2018 cardiac run will complete the purchase!

Please NOTE:  No longer able to obtain parts to service the old cardiovascular ultrasound machine, a year ago the supplier wrote to inform us that the current equipment would be end-of-life January 31, 2018.

Continued in 2018: The Costume Prize! Remember the great costumes over the last few years? They have added pizzazz to our event! On May 1 this year, our 2017 winners will give back the trophy, so we can spend the month showing it off before bestowing it on the 2018 costume winner. Each year our winners must insure the trophy is back at the Health Centre by May 1st.  Last year’s winners, choose the current year’s costume champ!

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Date: Sunday May 27th, 2018

Location: The Charles W. Stockey Centre, Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada