Donations Spread Our Wings

When an Emergency happens, you call 911.  You trust the hospital will have everything you need – whether it’s mending your broken bone or saving your life.  You are focused on getting to the hospital and getting better.  You don’t give it another thought … but you should.  The only reason your cottage hospital is ready, is because donors bought the equipment to re-open ICU when a system failure forced the 12-day closure April 2014.  You receive the surgery you need because donors bought the 3 new anesthetic machines ensuring safe sedation.   The OR is safe because donors bought the decontamination machine ensuring no infections.  The CT Scan is there for you because donors bought that too.  The list is endless and so is our thankfulness.  In 2014 the West Parry Sound Health Centre was Accredited with Exemplary Standing because staff are amazing, procedures are top notch and donors are the best.  You can’t be the best hospital without the best equipment.  In today’s world of tight government budgets it’s donors who make the difference in transforming health care.  It’s a role we want to honour with our Northern Angel Council.

The Council was launched in 2015.  The goal is to raise $2.5 million over five years in new 5-year pledges to the West Parry Sound Health Centre Foundation.  By Spring 2016 the Council had secured $2.1 million in new pledges with the promise of a matching gift to take the Council's support for the Health Centre to $3,000,000 over 5 years.

The $500,000 Matching Gift from the Family of Walling and Julia Ruby

On May 9th, 2016 the Foundation was thrilled to announce a $500,000 matching gift from the Family of Walling & Julia Ruby.  With this donation, the daughters of the Pointe au Baril cottaging family honours both their parents love of the bay and their own great desire to age in place at the cottage.  All Northern Angel Council gifts from this point forward will be matched up to $500,000!

While pledges will be for 5 years the Council hopes to create long-term relationships between friends.  

The top level of the Council has annual pledges of $5,000 or more in new donations (pledged for 5 years); with a further level of $1,000 annually (pledged for 5 years) in new donations.   Membership has its privileges.  Talk to us. 

To learn more about the Northern Angel Council, please contact Lynne at 705-746-4540 x 3348 or email

To become a donor at the $5,000 + a year level, please click here.
To become a donor at the $1,000 + a year level, please click here.