Establishing Endowed Named Funds

Using current or future donations, you can establish an endowed named fund at The West Parry Sound Health Centre Foundation in support of the Health Centre's highest priority or a specific project. These funds are created to honour a donor, a family or a loved one. Endowed named funds, retain the initial capital donation with revenues providing a living tribute to special people and families. 

Our Endowment - The Forever Fund

The Forever Fund represents our vision To Provide Extraordinary Support for the Hospital in Parry Sound.

One of the urgent priorities is to build our endowment in support of emerging technology and new services. The money is permanently invested and the principal is always kept intact. Each year, a portion of the income is used to support the purchase of new equipment or the development of new patient services. Building our endowment is essential because it will ensure the West Parry Sound Health Centre has the ongoing funds necessary to provide extraordinary health care in cottage country.

Endowed funds provide tributes to special people that have made a promise to care for their community long into the future.

An Archipelago Islander seeded the Forever Fund Christmas 2008.  Our generous benefactor has been in the area for generations and his family’s love for the many riches garnered from memories and summer-long experiences have made them faithful supporters of the Foundation.  The family, while wishing to stay anonymous, hopes that others will see the importance of the long-term support of the Health Centre.

The Foundation's Endowment Committee oversees the management of the portfolio guided by the Board approved policy and ensuring the following Asset Mix for investment purposes:

Asset Mix
Asset Mix Guidelines
Minimum Maximum
Cash 0 % 0% 20%
Fixed Income 40% 30% 40%
Equity - Canadian 50% 40% 60%
Equity – U.S. 5% 0% 10%
Equity - International 5% 0% 10%