5k Race Details

Where & When

Start Times       

  • 8:45 am for all 5K participants.  
  • Runners will be lined up first, polers, then walkers.                                                         

Race Start

The start line is on Bay Street by the furthest end of the parking lot at the Charles W. Stockey Centre (same as last year).
Please note: Check in time starts at 7:30 am at the Charles W. Stockey Centre.

All participants are advised to plan ahead and get to the event at least 45 minutes before start time.  If you are coming by car, please consider road congestion and closures.  See Parking section for details on parking locations.

Finish Line

The finish line will be well marked where the Fitness Trail meets Bay Street .                    

After the race:

  • Enjoy refreshments and a heart healthy breakfast compliments of Gordon Food Service (supplier to the Health Centre) and Richards Coffee (supplier to Hava Java).
  • Unwind on the terrace with our awards ceremony and soak in the spectacular view of the Bay. 

Course Description & Map

5K Course

Enjoy the breathtaking views and nature’s splendors along the Rotary fitness trail.  This route is for all 5 K runners, walkers and polers.  Course marked by Red KM Flag Markers.

Course Description

Head up Bay Street to the Seguin Intersection.  Turn right on to Seguin Street and across the car bridge.  Turn right on to Great North Road and continue to the Fitness Trail.  Turn right onto the fitness trail, crossing the walking bridge that parallels the car bridge.  At the end of the walking bridge turn left to follow the fitness trail by the falls.  Cross Bay Street to access the Fitness Trail en route to Waubeek Street.  At Waubeek street turn right and continue along to Waubano.  Turn right onto Waubano then make another right under the Fitness Trail Bridge to access the Fitness Trail, turn right towards Bay Street.  Go towards Bay Street and to the finishline at the end of the Fitness Trail.   

Kilometre Markers

Each kilometre will be marked along the course with a Breezer Flag.

Water Stations

Water stations will be available at approx. every 2K.

General Event Information

Registration / Pledges Options

Option A:
Register for $25 and obtain pledges amounting to:

  • $100 - Adult
  • $75 - 14-18
  • $50 - under 14
  • Family pledging Rate: Only applies to family of 4+.  Each family member will obtain pledges amounting to half the minimum pledge amount for that age group.

Option B: Register for FREE!  Pay $25 and collect $200 in pledges.  Once you have collected $200 in pledges, bring them to WPSHC Foundation office with a note or email requesting your $25 registration fee be returned and we will refund your $25, making your registration FREEPlease click here for Details.

Team Registration Options:

Option A: Select a Team Captain to register the team.  The Team Captain will register through Registration - Team Captain and input each members information.  Each team member will be given a pledge account with the email and password entered in the registration.  The individual pledge accounts will link to the team page.

Option B: Register through Registration - Individual and join one of the teams listed.  A notice will be sent to the Team Captain letting them know that there is a participant requesting to join the team.  The Team Captain will then be asked to approve your application.  Note: Your name will not show up on the team until the Team Captain approves your request.

Option C: If you already have a pledge account, you can create or join a team.  Log in to your account and you will see "My Team" on the left sidebar.  Here you can create a team or join a team that is listed.  If you choose this option, please be sure that you are registered for the Race.

How to Register

  • Online - Click here to register online.  The easiest way to enter (see below for more details).  Online registration automatically signs you up for an online e-pledging acount at wpshcf.com
  • Please note: the deadline is at noon on May 26th, 2017.  T-shirt deadline is May 10.  Registrants after that date will receive a T-shirt from our guesstimate order.  We will do our best to match your request.  Next Step: Log-in to your online e-pledging account at wpshcf.com, using the email/username and password submitted in the Run Registration Form and create your Pledge Page.
  • By Mail - Complete this paper entry form, sign the waiver and mail to:

    WPSHC Foundation
    6 Albert Street
    Parry Sound, Ontario, P2A 3A4

    Download a pledge sheet or create an online e-pledging account at wpshcf.com.
  • In Person - Complete this paper entry form, sign the waiver and drop off your form at the WPSHC Foundation office, or WPSHC Cardiac Rehab until May 26th, 2017.  Pick up your pledge package when you register, download a pledge sheet or create an online e-pledging account at wpshcf.com.  


We have permission for participants to park in the Island Queen parking lot.


We encourage you to store your clothing as early as possible and retrieve it soon after completing the race.  The organizers will not be responsible for lost items and you are advised to keep any money or important items with you at all times.  All checked bags must be collected by 12 noon on race day. 

Awards Ceremony

Will take place at the Charles W. Stockey Centre at 10:30 am.

Get Ready to Participate!

The Georgian Bay Biosphere Walk, Run, Pole is the perfect way to motivate yourself to revamp your body and support our local Cardiac Rehab Patients.  It's a goal setting event for us all!

Here are some tips to get you moving:

  • You should exercise at least three times a week for at least 20 minutes.
  • Get a check-up from your doctor to gauge your health.
  • Write down what excercise you do.  This will keep you motivated.
  • Plan to do the exercise in the morning because it allows you to fit it in more easily and also starts your metabolism for the day.
  • Train with a friend or pet.  They will help to ensure you do it.
  • No Pet or Friend?  Get a pedometer and count your steps.  
  • Take a drink and/or energy bar with you to keep yourself hydrated and boost energy.
  • Follow the Map and train on the course route so you can moniter your progress.
  • Above all, have fun.  If you don't enjoy it, don't bother.

Raise your pledge commitment in a week.  That's right $100 in just 7 days.

Day 1  - Sponsor yourself $10: $10

Day 2  - Ask two family members to sponsor you $5: $20

Day 3  - Ask five friends to contribute $5: $45

Day 4  - Ask five co-workers / neighbours to contribute $5: $70

Day 5  - Ask five people from your social or sports group to contribute $2: $80

Day 6  - Ask local merchants to sponsor you $2: $90

Day 7  - Ask your boss for a company contribution of $10: $100

It's that simple!